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At FruitNoise Games, we're developing a rogue-like, top down, 3-D, adventure game using Unreal Engine 4.

The game mechanic which will differentiate Word Lab: Letter Arsenal is spelling out equipment appellations using letters collected by defeating enemies. The word entered will determine an item to be generated, immediately, for the player.

While traversing many rooms and defeating different kinds of enemies, including a boss at the end of each level, players will discover which items they enjoy the most through experimentation. Each play is a chance to try new equipment or reuse favorites.

We are currently in the alpha stage of development. Word Lab: Letter Arsenal is a working title and may change in the future. We would be happy to receive your comments here.

Let us know how we're doing or report a bug:

- email FruitNoise Games here

- message BananasGoMoo on TIGSource or Steam

- post a reply in our developer's log for Word Lab: Letter Arsenal on the TIGForums

FruitNoise Games is currently looking for a 3-D modeler, please contact Gabe Tanenhaus if you are interested in joining our team.

Install instructions

To play Word Lab: Letter Arsenal for free: Click the red "Download" button and extract the contents of the zip file wherever you prefer. Go to the location you extracted the files, then run the FNGame application (double click the black and white icon.)


WordLab0.0.50.3.zip 117 MB

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